Beat the Credit Crunch With an Extra Income Working From Home

Would you like to earn an additional income to help you through the redit-crunch? If so you’re certainly not alone. Many people are looking to work from home as their own boss, supplement an existing income, or even provide a completely new income.

There are many reasons for this. Here are just a few:

  • Monthly bills mounting up? Credit cards maxed out? Afraid to open the post?
  • Savings or pension looking shaky – or non-existent?
  • Want to work part-time, just the hours you choose, to suit other commitments, such as children or caring for elderly relatives
  • When you work from home you can claim against tax, business expenses such as Internet, telephone, postage – check your own country’s laws for this.
  • If you have only one source of income, where would you turn if you lost that?
  • Need an extra income for more of the good things in life – holiday, better car?
  • Or you may even need more cash just to cover life’s basic essentials!
  • Could there be a big bill round the corner – car, house, wedding, college fees, illness?

Yes, you could look for another job, but with many highly qualified people willing to work for less money than usual just to get a job, your chances are reduced. And anyway, a job still leaves you at the mercies of your employer, and THEY set the limit on your income, rather than your own efforts.

If you start looking for ways to earn a second income many sources will offer you a business that claims to offer big benefits, but how many offer them in an achievable package to fit round existing commitments?

Some people who want to become their own boss think first of running a franchise, but most of these require a huge financial commitment – not to mention giving up your “day job”. If you need to make extra money, it’s not the time to be abandoning what income you have, and risking large sums.

In my opinion, it’s far better to choose to run your own business online, starting small and running it alongside any existing job, instead of throwing caution to the winds.

My chosen method of starting a small business is the network marketing model, where for a relatively low start-up cost you can buy into a proven business as a distributor and benefit from:

  • Existing products (that you do NOT need to keep in stock)
  • Publicity materials
  • Ready-made websites
  • Training system
  • Head office handling finances and delivery for you (world-wide)

Some people have per-conceived bad opinions about network marketing companies. Most of these are gleaned from people who have failed in them! In fact there is a huge failure rate in most small business start-ups, not just networking (multi-level marketing or MLM) companies.

You will hear people talk scornfully about pyramid selling. But if asked to describe the structure of their current work-place, or even their Church, what they will describe is a pyramid structure. Do not confuse pyramid selling (which is illegal) with network marketing.

A well-run network marketing business offers a low-risk, tried and tested way of starting your own business.

In any venture, there will be people who succeed and others who fail. Network marketing is no different. Some distributors will do well, others will not. But they all have access to the same system. The only difference is the individual running the business. Networking works, if YOU work.

If you invest in an ethical network marketing business the start-up cost will be low so you will not be risking large sums of money.

Don’t let anyone try to fool you that there is “no selling”, because if there are no sales there are no profits.

However, as an independent business person, you have a choice of how to sell your products.  If you want to drop leaflets, cold-call, or repeatedly pester your family and friends – go ahead!! But if you’d rather run your business entirely on-line, from the comfort of your own home, at times to suit you, choose a network marketing business designed with exactly this in mind, and with all the marketing tools pre-done, to simplify this for you.

Still uncomfortable with the concept of building a team of distributors? Don’t do it! A good networking business can be run just retailing to end-users.

With most product-based businesses you can buy as much (or as little) as you want at distributor cost and sell this product at “recommended retail price” to make money that way. Look for a simple way that  customers can register to buy their products direct. Eventually they may be so impressed that they decide to build a business.

Not very skilled in business? A good networking company will have plenty of training sessions, with a website full of information and ideas to show you exactly how to get started. And you will have access to a support team (called your up-line) who want your success because commission they earn on your sales is their reward for helping you get started. You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.


Hopefully you can see the advantages of partnering with a network marketing company to work from home, full-time or part-time, and “be your own boss”.

If so, the next stage of your decision-making is to think carefully about choosing a product, and selecting the company you want to work with.

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